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Irrigation Downloads

Sprinkler systems can be foreign objects when it’s not your everyday focus. Below are some documents with visuals to clarify what the different components are and what they look like.

Other documents below are forms that can be used to track your specific system components on each property you own or manage.

If you think of a document that would be helpful, be sure to email Tom your idea and he’ll see about creating one. Come back as more get posted.

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These documents are copyrighted but can be shared in their unaltered entirety.

Click on any of the images below to download the jpg image or pdf.  * For jpg images, once you click it, then right click and select Save Image As.

For the Excel spreadsheets, click on the image then click on the hyperlink of the document’s name on the new window to save it to your computer.

Sprinkler System Components

MP Rotators spec sheet – 4 pages

Station Assignments Sheet

Common Residential Timers 

MP Rotator instruction sheet – 3 pages

Emergency Instructions

Common Sprinklers ID

Drip System Components

Rule of Thumb per week

Sprinkler Valve ID

Drip System Lateral Calculator (Excel)

Rule of Thumb per type

Software/apps and links

Climate Logic CL-M1 firmware update

If your Climate Logic firmware is 1.86 or older then this update will bring better functionality to your interface. Be sure to install it onto an empty standard SD card. Click the image above to retrieve the zip file. You’ll need to unzip it on your computer before installing the 2 files onto the SD card.

Click this link to view the 4 min. Irritrol instruction video while you are working through the process.

Anatomy 101 of a Sprinkler System original article scans

Anatomy 101 of a Sprinkler System: Lesson 1

Anatomy 101 of a Sprinkler System: Lesson 5

Anatomy 101 of a Sprinkler System: Lesson 2

Anatomy 101 of a Sprinkler System: Lesson 6

Anatomy 101 of a Sprinkler System: Lesson 3

Anatomy 101 of a Sprinkler System: Lesson 4